GVG Johns Creek


Dr. Daniel Gottlieb


Gottlieb Vision Group Center for Specialty Care

At the Gottlieb Vision Group Center for Specialty Care in Johns Creek, you'll find the expertise of Dr. Daniel Gottlieb. Dr. Gottlieb is the founder of Gottlieb Vision Group, and he has over 30 years of experience supervising specialty care for people with severe visual impairments.

At the Center for Specialty Care, Dr. Gottlieb puts his expertise and extensive experience to help solve the most complex cases. The Center for Specialty Care focuses on low vision care, vision therapy, and neuro-optometric rehabilitation. Most of our clients are legally blind, and many have major medical problems, stroke, cerebral palsy, or traumatic brain injury. Almost all of our clients have heard at some point, "nothing more can be done for your vision loss". Other clients have visually related learning disorders that are often missed in routine eye exams, and many have been misdiagnosed with ADHD when the actual problem is visual confusion.

So what is specialty care?

Specialty care is specialized care for certain conditions. Dr. Gottlieb leads a team focusing on severe vision loss, visually related learning disorders, stroke, & brain injury. These conditions are often not fully addressed by standard optometric care. The Center for Specialty Care provides case management, consultation with other physicians for a team-based approach to total care, recommendations for adaptive equipment to help people with low vision gain independence, and vision rehabilitation through the REKINDLE™ Vision program.